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How to file an income tax return in Quebec

The tax return filing consists of reporting the sum of the previous year's taxable income, tax credits, and other information related to that. The result of filing a tax return with the federal government can end up in either a refund or a deduction for the amount due to be paid. There is also a penalty for not filing a tax return, so you need to submit your returns on time.

Who needs to file a tax return

You are bound to file a return if:

  • You are self-employed and need to pay your premium for Canada Pension Plan or your employment insurance on your self-employment earnings.
  • You have to repay your Old Age Security or Employment Insurance Benefits.
  • You were resident in Canada outside Quebec, but you carried on a business or practiced a profession in Quebec.
  • You wish to transfer retirement income to your spouse, or your spouse wants to transfer retirement income to you.
  • If the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has sent you a notice to File, then you have to file it, and you cannot overlook it.

Process of filing the tax return

The filing of income tax returns should be done no later than 30th April to avoid any delays in payments. The process of filing the tax return in Quebec is quite simple, and there are two ways to doing so, which are as follows:

1) Online Process

You can use commercial software to complete your income tax return and file it online using the integrated NetFile Quebec feature.

2) Filing by mail

To file a return through mail, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Take a print out of the authorization form.
  • Sign and date form TPF-1.W.V.
  • Include copies of the required slips and receipts if applicable.
  • Mail everything to Revenu Quebec.
  • It generally takes 4-6 weeks for Revenu Quebec to process a paper return.

3) Filing through an Accredited Person

You can have a personal by Revenue Quebec to file your return. Before having an accredited person file your return online, you must keep two copies of the authorization form complete and duly signed. You and the authorized person must keep a copy of the way for six years from the date on which the tax return was filed and produce it if asked for by the authorities.

(Note that accredited persons who file more than ten income tax returns are required to register them online.)

Benefits of Filing Your Tax Returns Online
  1. The confirmation of Income Tax Return is quick. If there are any refunds, they are processed faster than paper-filed returns.
  2. Online filing of returns is user friendly, and the detailed instructions make it convenient for individuals who are not very familiar with internet usage.
  3. It is also suitable for direct deposit for refund and debit for tax payments.
  4. You can easily look for your past data while filing returns. This stored data is secured and allows easy access at the time of filing subsequent returns.
  5. It is better in terms of security than paper filings because your information is not exposed to theft.


Filing of returns can be done in three ways, but as we have looked, the most convenient and easy way is to file it online as it provides a lot of benefits.

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