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Quebec, a province in Canada, is a dynamic and prosperous society. It is the largest province in Canada by area and its second-largest administrative division. It is the only state to consist of french-speaking population, with French as the official language of the province. The climate in the major cities is continental with cold and snowy winters while the summers are warm to hot and humid.

While the natural resources in this province have long been the backbone of its economy, other economic sectors such as aerospace, information, and communication technologies, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology also play an essential role. These industries have mainly contributed to Quebec becoming an economically influential province.

While everything has positives and negatives, let us delve into some of the pros and cons of living in the region.

Pros of living in Quebec

  • The process of settling a business is fast and efficient, which allows investors and their families to settle anywhere in Canada.
  • It offers an excellent education system along with a preferential fee for permanent residents at best-known universities in the world.
  • The housing here is significantly cheaper, while the province is also powered with hydroelectricity, which makes your electricity bills quite less, making it an excellent option to consider while migrating from other parts of Canada.
  • The government of Quebec offers a comprehensive range of programs to support your business that would gear up development.
  • A lot of money can be saved if you have a lot of children in daycare as these do not charge a hefty amount.
  • It has a vibrant multi-cultural and religious society, which is perfect for raising kids, along with one of the best healthcare services.

Cons of living in the province

  • You must know French if you're in the province otherwise it will be difficult for you to secure a job since people here might not be acquainted with English.
  • The direction sign boards are in french language, so you must learn french, which might hinder your confidence to sustain here.
  • Both the income tax and sales tax are believed to be higher here as compared to other states in Canada.
  • You are required to pay the provincial tax for both the cities in case you live in one and work in another.
  • Government employees are not allowed to wear religious symbols, which seems like introducing a racist agenda.
  • The roads, bridges, and means of commuting are terrible, according to some people.
  • The winters here are terrible and endless as the temperature hits a shallow mark making it difficult to even go out in winters.


Having studied the pros as well as cons of living in Quebec, we can safely say that there are more advantages as compared to the disadvantages. If you're right in french or are keen to learn the language, this is a heavenly place to settle. It provides you a high standard of living with the best facilities, and it is a beautiful city to live in.

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